Brands that don't leave loyalty to choice

Our customers are all different, but they each understand that knowing their customers is the cornerstone to maintaining a profitable business.

From running a CRM tendering process, through to recruiting the right team to operate an entire data analytics programme, we’ve helped high profile brands accomplish projects that positively impact their bottom line.


The Director of Data & Insight asked us to assess the Data Warehouse project being delivered by an alternative supplier, from a quality and cost view.  The project was a key enabler to driving personalised contacts across the group and involved bringing the data in-house from an external agency.  Previous approaches to delivering the project had failed.


Our consultants spent 6 weeks assessing each element of the programme, highlighted numerous areas of concern and did a financial forecast on the project which showed major gaps and deficiencies.   The incumbent supplier was accountable for fixed price delivery but could not deliver within the parameters of the project – it was just unrealistic.  We restructured the project, replaced multiple key resources and focused on developers and technical solution design, rather than leadership roles.  Ultimately the project was delivered and integrated with SAS for analytics and campaigning.  The solution is in production today. 

We were subsequently asked to recruit all the permanent team members for the expanded Data & Insight department.


The data project was hugely complex and required us working with experts in single customer view design and implementation.  The deployment of SAS linked to a new data warehouse now delivers hugely profitable personalised targeted campaigns.  We still support the client with all their insight hires and specialist resource on consulting basis as needed.