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Our customers are all different, but they each understand that knowing their customers is the cornerstone to maintaining a profitable business.

From running a CRM tendering process, through to recruiting the right team to operate an entire data analytics programme, we’ve helped high profile brands accomplish projects that positively impact their bottom line.


Our client’s new Chief Data Officer (CDO) believed that utilising player data could drive significant revenue.  With little capability (tools and people) in place:

  • Where do you start?  
  • What capability is needed?  and 
  • What value will it bring?


Our consultants re-shaped the Player Relationships strategy, and identified the use cases that would deliver the biggest change.  We then built the business case for change and obtained approval from the UK board for the change programme.  We are now managing the business and IT change programme on behalf of the client, which includes implementing a “Big Data” platform and an upgrade to the CRM capability to improve experience for players, recruiting the Data Science team and transitioning from Programme to Business as Usual.  We also provide on-going strategic consulting to the CDO.


The Player Relationships programme is central to making the client a more player centric organisation and is already delivering considerably deeper understanding of Player Behaviour and a platform that can be used by the whole Group across multiple markets, with increased revenue from players.  The new Data Science and Behavioural Science team is fully resourced.