CRM/Campaign Analyst

  • CVM / CRM London - Central
  • Permanent / Full Time £40,000 - £45,000

Deliver targeting and reporting to one of the most fabulous campaign teams in town!


25th Jan 2019

Campaign Analyst
Central London
£45,000 with bonus, pension, and fantastic discounts to shows across the country

Are you a Campaign Exec who once harboured dreams of creeping the boards?

Do you know all too well that, in the words of the indomitable Uncle Monty, “it is the most shattering experience of a young (wo)man's life when (s)he awakens and quite reasonably says to himself: I will never play The Dane”?

Then brace yourself for the ultimate fusion of your passion and… that thing you ended up doing instead!

In all seriousness, whether you love the theatre or not (but honestly, who doesn’t?!), this is a really cool position, working with some extremely intelligent and committed people to bring about a sweeping change to the way the UK's biggest theatre company understands and engages with its customers.

You will be the conduit between a sophisticated data science function and the campaign team delivering multi-channel comms to the customer base of a cluster of Theatres hosting the biggest shows in the UK.

What will you be doing?
Well, I’m glad you asked! You are the keeper of the KPIs, the purveyor of personalisation! You will support the Campaign Managers and Execs with advice around targeting, A/B testing, test and control cells, and modelling. Create insight packs with the campaign response data to support improved targeting and performance of future and ongoing campaigns and keep the business stakeholders abreast of just how awesome your team is.

You’ll also be the main point of contact with the data science team, who will be at your disposal for the technical heavy lifting, working with them to ensure you have all the neural nets, fuzzy logic, and random forests you can eat!

Let’s talk about you – now and in the future
When first you arrived, you were a passionate journeyman campaign specialist with a flair for data, a good grasp of SQL and a knack for telling the story in that data in a way that even the most non-technical of stakeholders could get behind. You enjoyed fast-paced environments and were as comfortable talking to the planners as you were the analysts – you had bags of potential and were on the path to great things...

But after a year, you were so much more – you’d been instrumental in the transition to new capabilities, new channels, far more sophisticated targeting, become a polished internal consultant, and hugely expanded your understanding of both predictive and descriptive machine learning techniques.

You’ve made great friends (with whom you’ve seen every show in town!), learned new tools, survived a significant transformation, and had an almost criminal amount of fun.

What’s next?
If this is a future you’d love to be a part of, then why wait?

Please get in touch at [email protected]